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10/10/29 21:00
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Just in time for the All Saints’ Eve – the annual holiday celebrated on October 31, ThemZa has released the Absolutely Halloween template, which will help you reproduce the buoyant, carnival-like atmosphere surrounding Halloween every year on your Joomla-driven weblog. The template consists of a 2-column main content area and two adjacent sidebars, topped by a quick JavaScript-based drop-down navigation menu and a spooky, “Helloweenish” banner area featuring a weed-grown cemetery, a raven-topped tombstone, a broomstick riding witch, two bats, as well as the most widely recognized Halloween artifact – a carved jack-o’-lantern. You can post interesting links in the predefined bottom area. Absolutely Halloween offers 3 color (orange, blue and red) and 3 thematic logo image variations.

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